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MOMS Club® of Aledo/ Willow Park, TX


MOMS Club Introduction

The MOMS Club (MOMS Offering Moms Support®) is an international, nonprofit support group specifically for mothers who have chosen to stay at home with their children. There are 2,000 plus chapters across the country and 100,000 members.  Our local group has plenty of activities to keep you busy:  Monthly meetings with occasional speakers and discussions, children's activities, playgroups, outings, MOMS Night Out, holiday parties, and much more that allow members to network and share ideas and inspiration! We also hold service projects for needy children and families, as well as other organizations in our local area.

Our goals are
    To provide opportunities for moms to interact with other moms and children are always welcome.

    To share experiences and advice to help ease the challenges we face as stay-at-home moms.
    To develop programs to meet the needs of stay-at-home moms.
    To provide a close community for moms and children to help both grow and learn.

MOMS Monthly Meeting

Once a month we meet to discuss activities and service projects. We also have informative speakers who provide ideas that help us become better parents. Children are welcome to attend the meeting.

MOMS Monthly Newsletter

Every month the MOMS Club newsletter will be emailed to each MOMS Club member.  It is a great way to keep up with all the MOMS Club functions; you get a well organized scheduled calendar of what will be happening each month. 

MOMS Night Out

This provides a chance for the dads to watch the kids while we get together for a sanity break. Activities include such things as dinner, movies, and more.  Note: Kids are welcome if need be.

MOMS Playgroups

If you are interested in a great activity for both you and your child, try a playgroup.  Several playgroups are organized by age level and meet every other week in member homes or local parks.   *Due to liability issues playgroups are open only to members of MOMS Club*

MOMS Community Services

Giving back to the community is a duty that we enjoy.  We hold fundraisers, collect donations and/or needed items, and provide services to a number of well deserved programs. 

MOMS  Sunshine

When a MOMS member is experiencing a difficult time such as bedrest, recovery from childbirth or surgery the other members step in and offer support in the way of meals for their family.

Childrens Parties and Activities

Several activities are designed just for the children.  Such activities include:  park days, zoo day, jump and play day, crafts time,  and seasonal parties.

Email us for more information at or come to our monthly meeting!!! You'll meet lots of other mothers and children, hear the latest news, and receive membership info. Dues are $20 for 12 months. Prospective members may attend two business meetings or one business meeting and one park day. If you are interested in joining, come check us out!!!

For information on other chapters, click on: International MOMS Club®

Disclaimer: Neither MOMS Club of Aledo/Willow Park, TX nor International MOMS Club endorses any advertisements that may appear on this site.